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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Looking for Leather Cowboy Goods

Since I got here in the United States and marry my husband of nearly ten years I became a fan of western movies especially those that are starred by John Wayne. I love the stories behind the movies especially those that are based on real life stories. It is very interesting to see the old west and how they have lived during those times. My husband for one has the collection of John Wayne movies and every time we feel like watching it, we just put it in our DVD or VHS player and enjoy it. Indeed, we never get tired of seeing those movies over and over again.

Okay, we have been living in the South for most of our married life, and our only child who is almost six year old now was conceived and borne here. We call him “ Little Cowboy” for he loves Sheriff Woody, the star of the animated Disney movies, Toy Story 1 and 2; he even have a costume almost exactly like the one Woody has. He has the cowboy hat, vest, boots, belt, scarf, toy gun,with matching Western gun holsters.

Talking about cowboy boots, my son has grown up his and since he needed a new one, husband and I plan of buying a pair of leather boots for him. We just need to find a place where they sell leather goods particularly. My son can use a new leather kid cowboy hat, too to match his leather boots. Who knows, he might wear his cowboy costume for the fourth times during Halloween day. Oh yeah, he wore it three times already and that shows how much he loves being a cowboy kid. Anyway, we can look online for leather goods or ask our friend whose son is an avid cowboy fan. Oh, I am more excited now than our son :-)!

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