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Thursday, May 27, 2010

There Are Land Contract Homes in Your Neighborhood!

Back when we were looking for a house to purchase, our heads were spinning because there are plenty of options out there. There's this rent to own homes, custom build homes, land contract homes, Government Homes For Sale to name a few. Hubby and I have to study and do some research about these options to see which of these options will work for our need and budget. Then after doing some research, we have talked about it and decided which option we like the best. And so the next thing we did was contact a real estate agent to help us find the house of our dream and we did find one and are happy to say that we are excited and ready to move in next month.

Going back to land contract homes, if you are not familiar about it, let me give you a little bit about it. A land contract is when a landlord agrees to lease a home to a tenant and the tenant has an option to buy the home for a pre-negotiated price before the end of the lease. The primary components of a land contract are the rental term, the purchase price, the upfront deposit, and the monthly rent credit. So if you decide to purchase a land contract home, and you live in Fresno, CA...then contact Fresno Land Contract Homes for they can help you find the home of your dream.

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