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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sports Betting is Fun and Exciting!

In the country where I was borne and raised, many people particularly men like to either watch or play sports. The most popular sports there are basketball, boxing, football, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. Unfortunately, I never learn to play any single one of these sports. On the other hand, my father is good on chess, and one of my three brother is good on table tennis, chess as well as volleyball and basketball. I really want to learn football and volleyball then, but I concentrated with academic activities and sports was set aside till I eventually forgot about it.

Playing basketball is in our blood because my brother and cousins played a lot of it and even formed a team to join the competitions and won most of the games. My father on the other hand is an avid fan of basketball; only it is the NBA or National Basketball Association teams. These are professional basketball players in the country. I remember, I used to watch these guys with my father on the television and had fun! Then, people who loves this sports, bets on the sports they like. Sports betting is widely popular among men in my country of origin. My father used to bet a lot, but now that he is getting older, he stopped betting on any kind of sports and is now contented watching it in front of the television. Talking about sports betting, during “Fiestas” or the celebration of the patron saint's anniversary, many activities are lined up during day and night time. Ball games and board games are always on the list. People like to bet mostly on basketball games of course. They bet and cheer on their favorite teams. During the celebration, people and their friends from the neighboring towns and cities join the celebration with plenty of foods, entertainment, marching bands and shops that sell affordable products and things like that. It is indeed fun to join in the celebration which is one thing I miss most while living here in the U.S.

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