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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hubby's Lunch at Brady's Burgers

Today, hubby and I decided to take a look at what is going on with the building of our house. And so drove down there and were happy to see that they were almost done with the building of foundation; concrete was poured out and being leveled when we got there. We didn't really stay long because we don't want to scare the workers :-). And when the concrete dried up, it will be a non-stop work; the contractor told us they will do the "accelerated building" to speed up the process. Anyway, since it was lunch time already, we went to a nearby restaurant to satisfy our hunger. I was craving for a sandwich, so after hubby ate at Brady's Burgers which is voted "Best Burger" in North Texas by the TV show "Good Morning Texas." Luckily, none of their foods looked appetizing to me that time, so I went to Walmart and bought myself a Croissantwich which was my fave! And it only cost me less than $3 while his was almost $7! By the way, below are the photos I took while hubby was eating his expensive burger.

And when I teased my him how pricey his burger was, he said that the most expensive burger he had was the $10 one at Humperdinks. Oh well, for me a burger that is worth more than 4 bucks is pricey :-)!


  1. ang laki ng burger. the price is fine as long as it's yummy

  2. at least naman naman,malaki nga ang price,malaki din naman yung burger. he get his money's worth. :)

  3. Gosh sarap ng lunch ng hubby mo ces. nagpanilap ko sa dakong burger uy.

  4. Humongous burger! I'm cutting down on fries and burgers :D true though, teka yung price included na fries at drinks? hmmm....

  5. Gizelle, it's just the burger; the whole plate with drinks was $ pricey!

  6. agoy kalami....dakoa sad kaau ug burger woi...ehehehe! kamahal pa sure yummy!...ehehehhehe....murag wala na dire sa amo te...ehehhehe!