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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Virginia Beach Rent to Own Homes

When we move to Virginia in 2007, we thought that my hubby's job would probably last longer than the one he had in Texas. Thinking we would stay/live there long, we decided to look for a house to buy; plus, we couldn't stand living in an apartment with inconsiderate and nosy neighbors. We went looking for a house and found many rent to own houses in the area where we wanted to live. The thing is, when we finally found the house we like which is close to church, work, school, hospital, and shopping center, hubby got laid off again. His job only lasted for exactly one year! Bummer! We were very disappointed and under stress again.

It was a trying times for us. Thank God we were able to surpass that problem and is back to where we used to be....happy and back to a more secure job. Anyway, before we finally moved back to TX, we took our sweet time to travel in Virginia Beach....for we would miss the beach so much. Knowing TX, beaches are far away from where we live, and so while there, we got the chance to tour the area and was very surprised to see a lot of rent to own properties particularly rent to own homes. The only thing is, being close to the beach those properties are expensive. But if we are millionaire, then we would surely buy one property there :-). And we would contact people that can help us find Virginia Beach Rent To Own Homes...that way we wouldn't be under a lot of stress again ....and I am pretty sure they can also give us info about Rental Assistance. Oh well, this is just a idea if this dream would ever be realized :-); well, as they say, dreaming is free, so I will dream as much as I want to :-) for it will not cost me anything not even a single penny!

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