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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mommy Moments - Tantrums Tantrums

It's Mommy Moments once again, and here is my entry for this weeks' theme: "Tantrums, Tantrums."

mommy moments

Even though Jake is already five year old, every once in awhile he still have his moods especially after school. I guess because he is tired already. But aside from that, he is a happy little guy who loves to draw and read books and going to school. Here some of the photo taken when he was throwing a fit!

He didn't want to be bothered while watching T.V.

Afraid with Santa, I don't know why?

All of a sudden he didn't want to go trick or treating here that is why he wasn't facing the door.

This was taken back in VA after school; as you can see he wasn't in the mood, but still manage to show me the badge that shows that he belongs to Mrs. Young's class.


  1. hahhaa..cute naman tingnan ang mga face:) though not happy they are still cute:)

    have a good day mommy:)

  2. He's really not in the mood in the last picture, but still very handsome. I hope you're feeling better now, Ate Ces.

  3. Hehehe, ate Cecile, mga bata minsan ang hirap intindihin, buti nga yan walang iyakan blues eh. Pareho mga anak natin, kapag naiinis ayaw humarap sa camera. Hay..but, I am so glad that I have kids kahit lagi akong pinasasakti ang ulo..They are the reason we work hard.. Have a great day to you and your family.

  4. very cute kid even while throwing a fit! :D

  5. he's moody when he wants too! :)

  6. hahhahaha...moody man sad diay ning imong ulitawo te....hehehe..bahala ug moody, gwapo man gihapon....hhehehhe!

  7. te ces si andrea din takot kay Santa... hehehe

  8. Sus ces kahit nag tantrums ang lamiit mong binatilyo ang cutie and handsome pa rin. Sometimes walang magawa si baby pag sinabi ni mommy pose hehehehehe. but still your lil jake is so cooperative to make his mommyand daddy happy.

  9. What a cutie!!
    Here is "My Mommy Moment♥"<--Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!