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Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments: Special Trips

This is my entry for this week's Mommy Moments with the theme " Special Trips." This trip is very special for us because it is the first time we went for a week long family vacation in Virginia Beach, VA, and the Islands in North Carolina like the Cape Hatterras and Ocracoke islands. We were glad we did it before moving back to Texas.

mommy moments

At Virginia Beach, VA

At Cape Hatterras Island, NC

Went swimming at the outer banks, NC

Ocracoke Island, NC

We rode on a Ferry together with our car ; it was a fun experienced for us!


  1. hi there mommy! it's my first time in mommy moments and i am enjoying it so far. nice to meet new moms around.. i enjoyed your trips, seems I was with you.. ;)

    I can see you love cooking as well, you may want to check out my food blog so we can exchange recipes. YUM! see yah around mommy ces!

  2. heheh..nice time in those nice places:)

  3. Those are very special moments captured in camera ate! Parang ayaw umalis ni jake sa water hehehe..

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  4. wow, now lang ako napasyal dito Cez ah..imo ning gitago sa akoa ? joke. The whole page is very nice. i love the kitchen design. pabuhat ko ingon ana Cez..pati color sa LO, gwapo jud as in..

    to the topic. oi ako bana taga NC, Salisbury City sya pero dili man ko moadto kay diri ra man mi puyo sa Davao, hulat lang ko mo retire sya. maayo unta mag apply sya ug early retirement para uli na sya diri kay kalas kaayo sya pamasahe oi. every 6 months naa diri.

    nice kaayo inyo mga pics ba...nice kaayo ang mga views.

    babozzz kay mag blog hopping pa ko sa atong ka tribu. hehe

  5. Ang sarap naman, one week family vacation! I wish we could do that, too! Have a great weekend

  6. oi ka nice sa mga photos teCes....lingaw kaau mo sa pics....maau pa mo kay duol ra mo sa dagat....sos kami tawon...need pa mag drive ug pila ka hours....:)

    am sure na miss nimo ang dagat te...wala man dagat diha sa texas no? hehehhe....