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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just Wondering...

I was wondering why the PR for this blog has gone down from PR1 to "0". When I checked it on PR checker, the PR1 still there. What is going on? On my PPP account it is "0". Which one of them is wrong or have not updated the PR yet? I am not complaining, just wondering :-)! I just hope that "1" will remain.


  1. i hope akin din hindi magbaba huhuhu.

  2. pareho kayo ni john ate, he lost his PR3 too..

  3. bakit nmn nawala eh, andito pa Te Ces.. I wonder for you too. Mine, I will not wonder anymore since wla na'ng pr iyon but I just hope I know how to get it back.. (~_~)

    By the way, thanks for visiting Te Ces.. muahh!