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Friday, October 30, 2009

Food Trip Friday: Chicken Curry

It's Friday once again, and it is foods time! Here is my entry for this week's Friday Food Trip; a Chicken Curry and Fish Cake!

For more delicious foods, visit Willa's blog by clicking the logo above!


  1. Fish bread ba kamo ate, how do you make those?

    Mine is at's Spice up blog..

  2. Lamian mn jd ko nimu mangluto ces, oi. kalami ba ana imu mga foods, naa pa sobra? giunsa nimu ang fishcake paghimu? dili mn jd ko ka perfect ug chicken curry preha sa inyo nilutoan. Maayo mn kaayo mo

  3. That is one yummy chicken curry! I wish I can make some but unfortunately my other half doesn't like curry at all and I don't want to cook it then throw the left over after.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. wow chicken curry! ang sarap nman po nyan

  5. wow this is another way to enjoy curry yum yum

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  6. This looks so delicious chicken curry and fish cake.. It's spicy?

  7. Ate Cecile, masrap ba ang chicken curry? di kasi ako mahilig, minsan nakakin ako pero naumay akong masyado, kaya yata ayaw ko na uli kumain. Pero ang picture mo mukhang super sarap.

  8. Liza, it depends yata sa dami ng coconut milk na inilagay eh, kaya minsan nakakasawa nga. ako konti lang nilagay ko kasi di rin ako mahilig sa creamy or milky foods eh