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Monday, February 6, 2012

Our New Microwave Oven

After a year and a half, our microwave oven gave up on us. I don't understand why. It was brand new when we bought our newly built house. How could that be? Maybe it is because they have placed a cheap one. To think that we upgraded the standard one into a better one, yet it was broken in less than two year. What a disappointment, sigh :-(. I couldn't live without it, so I asked hubby the next day that we need to go shop for microwave oven. He did some research online first before we went shopping. Good thing he did that otherwise we would have traveled to IKEA for 2 hours just to get that oven he wanted. We went to Lowes and got ourselves a new microwave oven for only $200. That was a deal! Now. we are all happy :-).

Here is our new GE microwave oven...we love it!

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