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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kitchen Renovated

As I mentioned before, we did many updates and renovation in our old house. The one part of the house that we totally renovated was our kitchen which we both love. Matt and I were both pleased with the outcome of our hard work. Yup, we did it ourselves from kitchen floor, painting to the cabinets installation. We spent like $5,000 because we didn't hire a professional to do it for us. Whereas, had we hired, we would have spent like $30,000

These are the photos before...

...and these are after the renovation.


  1. Wow, very nice ces, labor of love yata ang ginawa ninyo. and look at the result maganda, kung nag hire kayo pareho lng ang result malaki pa mababayaran. It was a great decision that you did it your own. Love your kitchen very clean ang nice. ang cute pa ni jake diyan with his diaper on top of the tables.

  2. my in kamo ra duha ni banana ana nag renovate teCes? wow...pretty impressive...galing nyo naman...handy couple man diay mo....good partnership...kung kami siguro ni hubby sige siguro me ug!

    love the outcome teCes...super neat...great job! look how small jake was...:)

  3. You did a GREAT job for a DIY! The cabinets look great and it looks like you made some more space.