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Monday, December 7, 2009

Girl Rules: Birth Talk

Honestly, I never asked my parents what their reactions was when I was born. All I know is that, I was born preemie (2 months early) on the 18th of March. I was so tiny enough to fit into a shoe box. Yup, that small. I stayed at NICU for few months... because we were so poor, they couldn't pay the hospital bills. I got baptized at the hospital where nurses and doctors who took care of me became my godparents. One of my godfather was a doctor who wanted to adopt me that time, but my parents and grandparents, NO! My mother went to a postpartum stage; she couldn't really takes care of me, so my grandparents (her Parents) stepped up, paid the bills decided to take care of me. Basically, I lived with till I was seven years old. I was loved by my grandfather, and so I was spoiled then. Because I grew up with them, I didn't get the chance of knowing and living with my parents and siblings till I was about to start going to school. At the young age of seven, I already knew how to wash my own clothes.

Anyway, they (my parents) want me back...and so my grandfather who lives in Isabela dropped me off despite that it was against his will. I remember crying so hard when it was time for him to go back home... but he has no choice. The first few months living with my parents and siblings were difficult since my mother (I thought) hated me so much! I don't remember this but my mother told me that every time my father gets home from work in Manila that time, I always say to my siblings " your father is home again :-)...(yung Tatay nyo dumating na :-)!

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  1. I am so touched with your story ces. Pareho pala kayo ni Jake premie. Well, you grew up to be smart and healthy like Jake right now.

    Iba sa akin ces kasi ako yung pangalawa, but feeling ako parang uwanted kasi iba ang hitsura sa lahat. I used that words to, instead of claiming they are my parents, I told my siste lalo na yung nasa vegas na ohh your parents or, tell my mother imung gwapang anak ay hehehe. May Favoritism kasi parents ko.

    Well, I'm glad we are able to adjust all that circumstances in our lives. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the visit and comments, wala ko ka bisita gahapon kay wala mi korente.