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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning Tips

The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming, but after a long winter, our homes may need some freshening up. Spring has finally come and that means cleaning and throwing stuffs you don't necessarily need. To make spring cleaning easier for every one in your household, here are some tips for bringing new life to some common items around your house.

Cleaning Blinds

Try cleaning vinyl shades with dryer sheets. This removes surface dirt and reduces static cling, so dust won't collect as fast. For wooden blinds, vacuum with the soft-brush attachment and use oil soap to spot-clean.

Making Crystal Sparkle

For a streak-free shine, fill a spray bottle with a solution of one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water. Spray crystal and wipe it dry with a clean white cotton cloth. Use a cotton swab to reach crevices.

Dusting Collectibles

For detailed figurines and other knickknacks, a feather duster doesn't do the trick. Try using a paintbrush with long bristles to sweep dust from surface details.

Polishing Wood

Make furniture gleam by using a foam pad to apply furniture polish, then buff with a lint-free material like a cotton baby diaper or T-shirt.


  1. These are some great tips! Thanks for sharing them. I like the one for cleaning the blinds. Very clever.

    I hope that your dad is able to quit smoking. We hoped and prayed for years and years that my dad would quit. He tried the patch thing, which helped but you have to want to quit and he didn't really want to. But my mom quit, and my brother quit, so there's hope for your dad!

  2. hi tita cecile, hataw ka sa mga tips ah? buti na lang at wala ako dyan sa U.S. hehehe...salamat na rin po sa malimit na pagdaan sa site ni payatot

  3. hi...cge lng bisan ano ya pwede man...
    thanks sa comments..kay medyo over age na kaya sang mga kamot ko hirap na macurve bah...hehehe..kalipayan lng sad ni nga blog...


  4. hhahaha,....mao jud ni te....ehhehe..operation cleaning..mao ni amo gibuhat ni banana gahapon....time to get rid off the winter clothes...hehhehe...d naba tugnaw dha teCes?

  5. talaga namang good at household cleaning si Madam--minsan lang akong mag-linis ng bahay!paparamihin ko lang ang spider web sa bahay para ready sa halloween!lol!\(^0^)/

  6. Hello Cecile! hala oi, nagstart na jud ka sa imuhang spring cleaning. Ako kay ma-busy na pud pag uli namo sa mainland... I hope you are doing well

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