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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Gift from a Good Friend, Liza

This Dinuguan is a gift from a good friend , Liza whom I also met through blogging. She is from the province, Nueva Ecija in the Philippines where I came from. A Mom of Four, who is also thoughtful, generous, sweet and a devoted Mom and Wife to her family. A happy and Pretty mother as well. Who would have thought I will meet a true friend online? She is also like a sister to me. Thank you so much dear for this very yummy dish which reminded me of my mother's dinuguan. I love it!


  1. Ate Cecile, di ka nakatis huh. pinost mo rin. Hehehe..I am glad you liked it. Salamat di mo pinost ang picture ko, kasi baka magkasing kulay kami eh, hehehe..

  2. wow..galing naman ni Mommy Liz..super bait...hehhe...sana kapitbahay tayo TCes..para nakatikim din ako ng luto nya...hehhe...I bought dinuguan few weeks ago sa pilipino comments sa lasa...hehhe! naa pa bay nabilin te? hehhehe!

  3. ang sweet ng mga on-line friends!! they're trully a treasure!

  4. kalami sa diguan hatagi ko gamay cel kay gutom :-)))

  5. yup, mommy Liz is so sweet. in fact hindi sya nawawalan ng comment pag may new posts ako.

    ang layo lang ng Pinas kaya hindi ko matitikman luto nya.

  6. I guess sya din nagbigay ng dinuguan kay Umma noh? Hehe....sana dumami ang kagaya ni Liza . Thanks for sharing Ces.