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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dinner Made from Heart on My Birthday!

My husband and I are trying to be more frugal. We are doing our best to lessen our habit of eating out so we can save money. Every time we dine out before, it costs us a lot that sometimes by eating one time out, the money spent is worth a week of groceries or at least five meals. So instead of eating out for my birthday, we decided to make the dinner we want to eat ourselves...and it didn't cost us much! He prepared the dinner himself because he doesn't want me to. So here is the meal he made for my birthday.

shrimp cocktail
wheat crackers topped with cheese and stuffed olive
asparagus, french fries and steak
and salad. It was a nice dinner and I thanked hubby for that :-)!


  1. Ahhh your hubby is so sweet ces, he fixed all these food for you,woow your lucky he can cook too.

  2. belated happy birthday cecile! your hubby is one of a kind and he does love and appreciate you.

  3. wow...nagutom ako sa kalagitnaan ng pagblog hop..
    mukhang katakamtakam

  4. ang sweet naman ni banana mo Te!He cooked for you--minsan lang ang ganyang hubby dito sa japan!!lucky you!^_^
    Happy Birthday,Ate Ces!!^_^

  5. wow Tces...very lucky ka talaga kay banana mo...your hubby can cook...hhehe! nice presentation pa jud..agoy gatulo akong laway sa steak...hehehhe...:) kalami sa preparation....d na makalupig ang restaurant ani woi..hehhehe!

  6. sweet naman ni hubby mo tita cecile, ipinagluto ka pa nya ha!

  7. wow! mabuti ka pa marunong magluto hubby mo. how sweet of him.

    i also like to cook and eat at home than dining out. it's more fun for me and we can eat anything we want.

  8. so sweet naman ni hubby mo, Cecile. I hope my hubby will do the same on my birthday coz he is not bad in the kitchen..hehehe

  9. Labor of Love ate Cecile. It's better than restaurant bought. Yum. Ang sweet naman ng hubby mo. Ang importante dyan eh yung effort na binigay niya para sa dinner. Kpag kakain sa restaurant, mahal talaga.