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Monday, March 16, 2009

25 Random Things About MeTag

I was tagged by Liza of This is My Life or Mom of Four. Thanks dear for this one :-). I grabbed it because I love answering questions and sharing something about me to friends who don't know me yet.

1. I am a quite and serious person.
2. But can be funny at times.
3. I have a sister who died young and that is the reason why I grew up without having a sister to look up to.
4. I look younger than my age.
5. Due to poverty, I didn't get the chance to go to college.
6. I was able to work and attend technical school at the same time.
7. I had a stillborn baby girl.
8. I came here and married my husband in Sept. Of 2001
9. Started working after I finished High School till I got married.
10. My first job was at a retirement home.
11. I am a happy Homemaker.
12. And a generous person, too!
13. I am an organize freak.
14. I love to cook.
15. And married someone who loves to cook, too!
16. Kitchen is the heart of our home.
17. I am a shopaholic.
18. I am afraid of water and heights.
19. I am addicted to pickles.
20. I am a transplant recipient.
21. Been to the Philippines once since I came here.
22. I have four nieces.
23. I was born premature with a premature hubby and son.
24. I love steak and hate sushi.
25. I love playing scrabble.
I am tagging Clarissa, Maria, Hazel, Analee, Cacai, Cookie, Shydub, Amy, Dhemz, Race, Redge and everyone who wants to share a little bit of themselves.


  1. wow! apil sad diay ko diri... reserve lang sa ni Cecs ha kay absent ko for 2 weeks, Maglaag mi ni bana-na pie hehehe... Musta ka na dyan?

  2. woi...apil man diay ko sa lista...hehhehe..grab nako ni unya taod taod...hehhehe! agoy d man ko mahilig sa pickles...hehhe..nangaslom nuon akong paminaw...hehehe!

  3. wow!grabe Te!Lahat kayo pre-mature?!!that's something!

  4. Pareho tayong afraid of water and heights? at of course, pareho rin tayong generous. opposite tayo sa quiet at serious person. Hehehe, kasi ako maingay at joker. But, sabi nga nila opposite pole attracts each other, so oks lang tayo. Transplant recipient ka? ng ano? see, dami nating nalalaman sa isa't isa noh?

    Thanks for grabbing this tag huh..

  5. Nice to know more about you Ces!

  6. agoy, nia diay ko tag, nah binuntaga napud nia ako visit karon hahhaa, salamat Ces ha

  7. be posting it in a lil while now

  8. ooops! thanks Ate Ces for including me in your list. muahhugs

  9. Its nice to know more about you! Have a nice day!

  10. Hello te Ces!!Happy St.Patrick's Day!!

  11. halo ces back here to read the tag you gave to me, haay I was gonna make a post last nyt but my Capital T(tapul) marbles got into my system hehehe I'll do it in a little while after I feed my teddy bear here

  12. i posted this tag already, thanks for sharing it to me ha

    got a new tag for you also

  13. #5,#12,#18...pareho tayo dyan tita..lalo na sa height, naku para akong mawawalan ng ulirat..

  14. Thanks for the tag Ate Ces and nice knowing you more, I will do the tag soon. Btw, we have lots in common Ate.. again, thanks! Muahh

  15. Hello Ate Ces!!Happy Birthday po!!^_^Wishing you good health and more blessings from above!!

  16. hI Te Ces, I already posted this tag given by you. Check it out. heheh. Ty for including me TE Ces..