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Monday, March 2, 2009

More Pictures with the Snow!

Here are some more pictures taken this morning while we were out playing with the snow :-).
Jacob enjoying the snowman they made :-)
Jacob, Angelica and me with the Snowman :-)
Daddy and Jacob standing in the deep snow!
Mommy and Jake together in front of our apartment :-)
Jacob making a snow angel :-); he loves snow as you can see!


  1. uummm nkkinggit nman snow nyo dyn te!! d2 was snowing like hell nong hndi pa kmi dumating, but ngayon na and2 na ako wla na tuloy...heheeh pero lamig padn... musta na dyn?

  2. enjoy hud kaayo si jake..hehhehe...may snow man pa....hehhe! ganahan baka kung mag snow te? ako d man ko mahilig sa snow uy...maayo lang kung mag visit for one day..pero pag everyday na's a pain in a butt...lalo na ang pag pala sa snow....hehhe..tapos scary kung mag drive kay slippery...glad you guys enjoyed the snow!

  3. wahhhh, bakit kami walang snow, kaasar! enjoy na enjoy ang anak mo oh! we want snow! we want snow!

  4. when pa kaya ako maka paglaro ng snow...waaaa