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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Proper Ettiquete

~ Server at a restaurant: 15-20% of your bill, or less or more, (more if the party is especially large) depending on the service.
If you received free food or a discount, tip the amount as if you paid full price.
Only tip the host if you received special service.
~ Bar: 10-20%
~ Valet and pizza delivery: $1-2.
~ Salon services (hair, nails, massage): 10-20% per service, or depending on the quality.
~ Hotel maid: $1-2 per day of service.
~ Hotel bellhop: $1-2 per piece of luggage they haul.

~ In most places other than your home, it’s rude to talk on your cell phone when the call is not significantly important, such as chatting about the weather or personal information.
~ If you must talk on your cell phone, use a quiet voice.
~ Don’t forget to turn your cell phone off in performance venues and in hospitals.
~ And please don’t drive and talk.
~ For a business phone call, if you must put a person on hold, make sure to check back with them every minute or so, so that they know they haven’t been forgotten.
~ State your name before requesting to speak to someone and offer to leave a message if the person requested is unavailable.
~ Make sure a caller knows if you have placed them on speakerphone or a three-way call.

~ When walking down the street, or up or down stairs, always stay to the right.
~ Keep any food, drinks, briefcases or paperwork in your left hand so your right hand is free for handshakes.
~ Always address an elder or higher-up professional with their last name until they specify otherwise.
~ It’s OK to take the last piece of pie, but ask everyone around first if they want it.
~ Don’t brush your hair in any place other than the bathroom or in private.
~ Always say “please” and “thank you” and always acknowledge someone else in the room.
~ Don’t forget that proper etiquette never goes out of style!

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