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Friday, March 19, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Green Chili Stew

This is one thing I make sure I eat every time I go visit my in-laws in New Mexico, a Green Chili Stew which is so yummy and a little bit spicy. Great soup for that place where it is cold anytime of the year :-)! It will keep you warm and very satisfied...I serve it with corn bread instead of flour Tortilla. I had it twice during our trip this week :-)! You will find the best Green Chili Stew at Benny’s Mexican Kitchen – Bosque Farms, New Mexico.

It is made of either ground or cubed beef with green chili, tomatoes, and garlic and sometimes with potatoes. I made this one before and my in-laws were very pleased :-)! Anyway, for more yummy foods, visit Willa's Kitchen now!


  1. I think I will enjoy a bowl of those.

  2. I come from Goa, India and this looks very much like something we would make and eat.

  3. oh how I love chili stew...I have never tasted green chili stew before....:) sos kalami ani kung tugnaw ang palibot...ehehehhe!

  4. kalami ba diri..hehe!

    here to greet you happy birthday cecile:)

  5. Fave kaayo nimu mexican food ces no. never tried this one yet. Hows your vacay nga pala?

  6. I also like stew, especially when they melt in your mouth.

    Happy weekend!

  7. this is good to eat on cold winter days:)