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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watch Your Fave Movie on Mobile!

I have a family who loves to watch movies whenever time permits us; luckily, hubby works 12 hours a day three times a week, and that means we have plenty of time to watch movies both old and new. We are now subscribe to a rental movie company with unlimited movies all month long. Great isn't it? Talking about movies, do you know that you can also watch it not only in front of your TV, internet, and movie theater, but also in your mobile or cellphone? Yes, you read this right, right in your own hand held phone! At CinemaMob, for only $19.99 a month, you can now enjoy you favorite movies without staying home or even going to movie house. So, subscribe now to watch movies anywhere, any time of the day! With this new invention, I think I can convince my husband to subscribe so we both can enjoy watching movies while we wait at the doctor's office, going on a long trip, and even when we are camping. Oh, I almost forget my son who can also watch his favorite movies on my cellphone to keep him entertain during a long trip to see his grandparents :-). Indeed, cinemamob is awesome!

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