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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Otap from a Good Friend, Dhemz!

Yesterday, I got this package from Dhemz. author of My Life's Perception and Inspiration. An Otap all the way from Cebu! I am so lucky to have Dhemz as one of my best blogger friends. She is indeed a very nice and thoughtful person that is why she is love by many of her friends and I am one of them :-); anyway, I want to thank you, Dhemz for this sweet gift you sent me. I love and missed you dear Sissy!

Otap is an oval biscuit made of flour, sugar, shortening and the ever reliable coconut. Sprinkled with sugar, a careless bite of this fragile biscuit would send fragments of it flying to the floor. But it is not as scary as it sounds; though one have to admit that eating otap is an art by itself. Little children are often told to be careful when eating it, they are supposed to put one hand under their chin to catch the sugar and fragments that might break off from its thin mass. Even adults have to master the art themselves; careful to inhale a little at every bite to ensure no bits of sugar goes astray. The use of the other hand still proves useful at times, if only to avoid the ants from feasting upon the fragments on the floor; which would be a waste of treat. That, my friends, makes eating otap one adventurous eating experience.


  1. gosh! mauwaw man sad ta nimo teCes....g post man nimo...ehehhe...sensya na jud te...mao ra jud na akong napada...waman jud ko kag shopping sa pinas woi...maong wala koy da nga daghan pasalubong...ehehhee...babawi nalang ako next time te ha...mwah!

    I love and miss you too....mwah!

  2. yummmmmmmmm, sarap kaya ng Otap hehehe. Happy hearts day ate!

  3. yep, otap is yumm-o! I love mine too---my ever loved pastel... (~_~)... thanks to madam sis Dhemz for my wish granted.. :-)