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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pizza Anyone!

This was the birthday pizza my hubby make for his birthday. He didn't wan t a cake, but pizza and cherry pie though these will increase his blood sugar level. Oh well, since it was his day, I let him do and eat what he wants, and after that, no more carbs and sweets.

Yummy looking pizza, but I didn't take even a bite. Got to watch my carbs and sugar intake, too or we will regret...we agreed to take care of each other's health for the sake of our son, Jake.


  1. Yummy looking pizza jud ces, imu banana naghimu tsang?

  2. birthday naman pala eh, oks na kahit tumaas ang blood sugar, hehehe.. mukhang masarap ang pizza

  3. Wos, homemade pissa.. naa pay sobra Ces..hehehe

  4. @ tsang shy, oo siya naghimo ana, kay wa man ko nga bake ug cake :-)

    @ liza, oo nga pinabayaan ko na...para naman masya siya.

    @eden, oo naa pa nabilin, tagae ko ug plate kay butang nako tanan :-)

  5. It's good that you and your husband are making an effort to stay physically fit for the sake of your son. Jacob needs both of you healthy and able to care for him.

  6. wow home made? naku i have never tried making one from the scratch... kasi naman madaling bumili ng pizza sa store or mag order lang