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Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Trip Friday: Tilapia Fillet and Sauteed' Mung Bean

Here is my entry for this week Food Trip Friday...come dig in with me, guys :-)!

For more yummy foods, visit Willa's Blog. Thanks, Wills for hosting this meme.


  1. I miss eating Mungo,especially kapag maraming Malungay or ampalaya leaves.
    **You're welcome and thanks for keep joining us every week. Happy Friday

  2. Naku sobrang namiss ko na ang mungo! DI kase kumakain si hubby nyan kaya di ko maluto dito. Pero ang fish, naku ubos yan kay Mark... hahaha

    AC of
    Happy Home-Making
    Happy Home-Cooking

  3. Mung Bean, my favorite, with spinach and a little bacon strips..Yummmm!

  4. i miss munggo.... i want some te ces

  5. wow Cecs, sobrang sarap ng food mo. I love munggo talaga, parisan pa ng fried tilapia naku talagang madami ako makakain hehehe

  6. sarap naman nyan.. buti yung fillet kasi di na masyadong malansa diba ate..

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  8. Ang munggos lng akoa tsang, aguy wala nko ka adto sa korean store limut ko munggos. Giunsa nimu pagluto ang isda? prito?

    Salamat sa mga bisita ces, ug comments haay wala nku ka visit tanan nimu blog, tagsa tagsa ra everyday and left comments ky gabii naman ko ka bloghop oi, nya na adik ko fb, late bloomer jd ko oi hehehe, ugma nku tiwas sa uban blog tsang ha, nytnyt nko.

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