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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Online Coupon for Fix Quix!

My husband is working C-Shift, that means a 12 hour job from 7am – 7pm. And when he gets home work, he is very tired and hungry. So before going to bed, he needs to eat. Usually there is nothing on the fridge that is easy to cook but eggs and bacon. We all know that too much eggs and bacon are not good to our body because of all the fats in it. He needs something that is healthy to avoid heart disease and other heart related issue.

Good thing there are some quick fix food in the refrigerated section of grocery stores that will help my husband and I when we are both tired to cook after busy day of work. Just this afternoon, after buying school supplies for my son, I decided to get some T.V. dinner for my son. I also get some Fix Quix from Buddig, a microwavable food that can be cooked in just few minutes. This refrigerated cubed meat product is a versatile meal starter which is perfect for my husband. It is not only easy to cook but also healthy protein snack. This comes with three premium flavors like Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Turkey, and Smoked Ham. The great thing about Quick Fix is that it is also healthy snack for children because it is full of protein, low in calories, low in fat and zero trans fat, low in sodium, no msg and gluten free, and is certified by the American Heart Association. You can even download and print a $1.00 online coupon that you can use at the register. This coupon can only be used in Texas, Arizona and St. Louis. Visit for more info on this new quick fix food.


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