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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Erin and Jacob Inseparable!

Yesterday, we went to pick the shelf we bought somewhere in Plano. Then headed to the mall to pick our portrait at JC Penney. While there, we let Jacob play at the playplace and that's how Rinna and I met. She is a Filipina from Plano who has a four year old girl whom Jacob is fond of. We talked for at least an hour while the kids plays We got to know each other and decided to meet at her place the next day. And so we went today; the kids had the fun playing , and us eating and cooking Pinoy foods. Eversince the kids met yesterday, they wouldn't want to leave each other. I guess I need to set a playdate again this week. Erin is a very cute, smart and tough little girl! We adore her so much! Jake right now wants to talk with her on the phone. I need to finish this post and dial her number :-)!

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  1. wow, you're lucky ate, another friend is in your list..