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Friday, August 28, 2009

Healthy Meal for Busy You!

Many people especially mothers are busy with many things. Some of them are even working outside home to support their families. When they get home, they still need to make dinner for their families, aside from helping their kids with school assignments. Same things with stay at home Moms, who are juggling between household chores, running errands, kids and many other things. Good thing there is Buddig that has come up with Fix Quix meal. This meal can help busy mothers like me give my family a healthy meal without cooking or microwaving. I like it for this will help my son learn to eat greens like salad. Fix Quix meals will not only save us time, but energy as well.

If you are curios about Fix Quix, here are the reason why it is special:

Fix Quix is a convenient to use refrigerated cubed meat product that can be a versatile meal starter, as well as a healthy protein snack.

• Fix Quix™ is new from Buddig
• Available in 3 Premium Flavors – Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Turkey, and Smoked Ham – Also available in a variety pack in limited areas
• Ready to Eat and Perfect for Snacking or Adding to Your Favorite Recipes
• Great snack for kids!
• Certified by the American Heart Association
• Low in Calories – Grilled Chicken has 60 Calories per Serving, Ham and Turkey have 70 Calories per Serving
• Low in Fat – with Zero Trans Fat
• An Excellent Source of Protein
• Gluten Free and have No MSG
• Available in the Refrigerated Meat Section

I will definitely give Fix Quix a try; you should, too! And don't forget to go to their website to download and print the $1.00 online coupon to be used during check out. By the way, sad to say that this product is only available in Texas, Arizona and St. Louis. For more info:



  1. This is nice c: I just wish we have it here in the Philippines :p

  2. this sounds good ces. sana meron na din nyan dito sas atin.