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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Favorite Winter Shoes

Fall is fast approaching; and before we know is winter time already, which is one of my favorite season next to spring. In the country where I was borne and raised, we only have two seasons; the rainy and sunny seasons. So, when I came here in United States in fall, I was very happy to have felt the windy and cold temperature. I enjoy walking and riding my bike outside  because of the cool breeze of the wind. Then, after three more months, the temperature got cooler accompanied by snow! What a treat for me! For the first time, I knew how it feels like to have fall/autumn and winter times.

I love playing  with snow since, though at first it was too cold for me. And so my husband bought me some clothes to keep me warm. Later, I bought myself a fair of boots online so I can walk on the snow and still feel warm at the same time. Anyway, while shopping for some boots, I noticed that the store also sells wide calf boots, plus size shoes, leather calf boots and more. I love the leather boots the most. I could wear it on a casual attire as well as formal.I couldn't wait till it's winter again, so I can wear my boots again and maybe buy a couple of pair of boots online.

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