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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Story Of Pepe Fanjul And Family

A story about how a wealthy family from Cuba, who helped the education system somewhere in Florida, became a haven for the needy children.  It is a very inspirational to the people.  The head of the family, Pepe Fanjul, is a sugar baron who is very supportive with his wife’s goals on education.

There was a time when a television drama titled Cane was shown in 2007.  The theme was said have taken or inspired by the life of Pepe Fanjul and his family.  But his wife, Emilia, said that the story had nothing to do with them. 

The Fanjul family did an honorable effort to support education in Florida.  For more interesting facts about the Pepe Fanjul’s family, visit the link above.

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