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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Favorite Comfort Food: Arroz Caldo

My number 1 favorite comfort food; in fact I can eat this everyday and will never get tired of it! My son and dear husband love it, too :-). How about you? What is you favorite Filipino comfort food?

By the way, aside from chicken, I also boil some eggs to go along with it and it is really yummy! I am not really crazy adding chicharon (porklings) on my arroz caldo though.


  1. I like arroz caldo too! But my favorite comfort food is champorado with powdered milk on top and tuyo.

  2. kalami mn nimu mangluto ces, uy ako dili ko kamao ani,. magsalig rko sa instant arrozcaldo

  3. Tsang, mao na siya ang akoang cravings karon... :-)

  4. Lugaw, especially accompanied with a side dish of tokwa't baboy immersed in a sauce of vinegar and toyo with plenty of garlic, is still my favorite comfort food hands down.