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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Latest Security Software Invention From BRS Labs

Whenever you fly either domestic or international, there is always a security check before boarding an aircraft.  Have you ever thought how these computerized detectors in security check points are made?  Well, it is very complex.  But BRS Labs has been the world’s leader in providing security software.  The latest invention is called the AlSight.  It is a video surveillance intelligence behavioral platform software that will detect anomalous behavior.  The system runs 24/7.  So everything is watched.  Interesting huh? 

BRS Labs new developed software can be used at airports as part of the security system.  This is a very high technology invention that will help prevent terrorism.  But the most important thing is the people’s cooperation on implementing such kind of security system.  See BRS Labs for more interesting information about this security video surveillance software.

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