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Friday, November 20, 2009

Food Trip Friday: Bilo-Bilo

It is almost weekend once again, time for Food Trip Friday created by Willa. And here is my entry for this week's FTF. I made a Filipino delicacy called Bilo bilo.

Ginataan is a name shared by various desserts; for example, a soup made with coconut milk, tubers, tapioca pearls, and sago.[1] This soup is also called "tinunuan" in Cebuano, "alpahor"Chavacano, "ginettaán" in Ilokano, and "ginat-an" in Hiligaynon. If gummy balls made of pounded glutinous rice are added, it becomes a dish called bilo-bilo. Ginataang mais is another example of a dessert soup; a warm, sweet, thick gruel made with coconut milk, sweet corn and glutinous rice.

The meat of a mature coconut is grated and the "thick" milk is extracted. Two cups of water are added to the grated coconut and a second extraction is made. This becomes the "thin" milk. This "thin" coconut milk extract is added to cubed kamote (sweet potato), gabi (taro) and ube purple yam), sliced ripe sabá (plantain) and langka (jack fruit), and tapioca pearls. Sometimes, young coconut meat strips are also added. The mixture is brought to a boil; being stirred occasionally until done. Just before removal from the flame, the "thick" coconut milk is added.

Ginataan may be eaten hot (during the cold, rainy season) or cold, but it is best served chilled. Some Filipinos even serve it frozen, eating the dessert much like ice cream.


  1. usually, tawag namin jan sa tagalog eh Ginataang Halo-Halo, and yup, masarap pag may langgka, yung saging ang pinaka fav kong halo at ang sago.

  2. sarap naman nyan ate wahhhhhh,, tawag dyan ni john is guinobata (ginataan) hahaha.. Mine is at Spice up blog.. mwah!

  3. wow ang sarap naman nito Cecs! I miss this meryenda!

  4. WOW! kalami ani cel oi, naa pay sobra dha karon? naglaway ko ug maau oi!

  5. oi lami pod ni TE Ces.. unsa kalahian ani sa binignit Te Ces? sa language bah? anyway, here's My Food Trip Friday #7

    Have a happy Friday! :-)

  6. You always have yummy food ces. kalami ana sa tingtugnaw.

  7. Oh, I miss the ginat-an. We also call that linugaw.

  8. Sarap nyan! Bigla tuloy ako nagcrave ng ginatan at 2 am. Haha.

  9. hmmm yummy.. miss ko na ang ginata-an..

  10. ayay kalami...nagluto ko gahapon te...sos isa man jud ka kaldero akong naluto...murag nadaghanan man nako woi...puliki jud ko ani ug hurot...ahhahaha!

  11. WWaaahhhh!!I'M SO DROOLED here,Ate Ces!!Ang sarap nyan--I've been dying to eat those bilo-bilo!!\(^0^)/

  12. Te Ces, nibalik jud ko ani nga post.. heheh.. I just found out anga ang bilo2x diay ang tawag namo ani binignit.. heheh.. kalami ani Te Ces oi, naa jud ang main ingredient nga sago.

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