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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caring for Elders

Elders are very sensitive. They want to be understood, wooed, cared for and above all, they want to feel that they are loved. When elders get sick, they expect full attention of the whole family.

It is very important to give them consideration, for it makes them glad especially when you talk to them warmly. My parents are both 69 years old already. My Mom, recently got operated with a slip disc. My Dad is a walking time bomb, suffering from hypertension. Being the eldest among their children, I am most responsible in taking care of them. It is not easy to take care of the elders, as I am experiencing at the moment. I see to it that as much as possible I give them the things they need like medical assistance and weekly allowance for their food and other necessities. I avoid letting them hear harsh words from any of my siblings. They need our love and support most in this phase of their life.

When I reach old age I want to be admitted in home elder care. The institution is also a place like home, they give quality care and services. Rest assured an elder will be taken cared of with utmost concern.

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