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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommy Moments: Treasured Pictures

It's Friday once again; how time flies...Mommy Moments time again. This week theme is all about "Treasured Moments." And here is my entry. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures. Happy Mommy Moments and Weekend at the same time!

mommy moments

After one year of exchanging emails, long distance calls and dates, we finally decided to be sealed for time and eternity in the House of the Lord in in ABQ, New Mexico.

Three years later, our son was born and stayed inside the incubator for a month before we finally go home.

Jake and I first encounter; he smiled at me when I called his name :-)!

Hubby and son at NICU...I love this one!

Jacob's first swimming experienced; he was barely 1 year old here.


  1. It's my first time to see wearing your wedding dress,Ate Ces!!You look gorgeous!!Baby-ing baby pa talaga si Jake nyan,so cute!!^_^

  2. wow! thanks for sharing your precious pics ha! :D

  3. Bakit nagone months sya ate sa incu? wawa naman pala si jake.. You look lovely in your wedding dress ate!

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  4. love all the treasured photos that you shared teCes....what I love the most is the first it love it! look stunning on your wedding dress....::)

    miss you ateCes...luvyah...mwah!

  5. te ces i love your wedding pic... naku noong civil wedding namin wala man lang kaming pic... hopefully on our church wedding sulitin namin ang mga pics...

  6. aay!! ka sweet, Ayy ka cute, ayyy ka nice, ayyy ka gwapo sa bata! there are all my reactions every pics... heheh! Happy MM;)

  7. na.. gadanghag.. ang 'these' kay na 'there' sowi mommy;)

  8. I sure did enjoy the pictures ces, wow ka slim pa nimu sa kasal ninyo ay, sakto jd ka mura wala na pag asa mamalik pa ni atong kalawasa intawn kalooy sa diyos. Ka very baby ba d i ni jake nimu nag start ug swimming, intawn akong buckaroo kalooy mn wala mn katilaw anang swimming, dha nlng ni siya sa iyang bathtub wisik wisik,kapa kapa.

    Premie mn sd d i na si jakcon ces, no, dili mn mailhan ky dako mn siya and healthy sd. Thanks for sharing your treasured pictures ces, I enjoy looking at them.