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Monday, September 14, 2009

Me, an Achieving Kid!?

You Were an Achieving Kid

When you were a kid, people often remarked on how mature you seemed. You acted quite adult.

You excelled at school, and you actually enjoyed it to a large extent. No one had to ask you to do your homework.

As a kid, you were probably a bit picky. You liked structure, schedules, and organization.

You had trouble being friends with regular kids. You probably were only friends with other serious children.

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It must have been because of the hardships I experienced as a kid; that inspired me to do better in everything I do. I wanted to achieve something despite of poverty. For I believe poverty is not a hindrance to achieve our goals and dreams in life...and more than ever not a hindrance to success.


  1. well, we do have our own ability in temrs of who we are as a kid. but for me, it is the best gift that god ever give to us..Values Reviews, Business

  2. Hehe, serious ka talaga nung student ka pa. Me too e. Iba kasi expectations sa min ng parents namin. Lagot kami pag walang honor! :) But I don't apply their sistema to my kids. I let my kids enjoy school and play. :)

  3. I agree with you ces.look at where you are now. You got what you want, probably not all of them but most of them and you are happy of what you made out of hardships and ditermination. Then jacop perhaps would follow your attitudes towards studies, life. look at him he enjoys going to school and eager to learn.