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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Kitchen, My Haven, My Space

As a homemaker and the queen of the kitchen, I always make sure that I serve the best for my family. I make sure too that the kitchen, my haven, is a place where I can have experiment on different food ingredients and turn them into delicious and healthy dishes for the household. I am glad that I have a pantry always stocked with ingredients so that every time I want to create or cook something, I can easily whip up a dish in no time at all.
But somehow, I wish that I have Kitchen Cabinets West Palm Beach made. I have some cool and unique kitchen designs and ideas from a website that I once came across. I have wished that I can use the design and replace the one I have now. But I guess getting a new kitchen design or renovating my kitchen now is not the family’s priority. I still love the kitchen I have now. It is my personal space, a place where I can master and hone my skills in cooking and whipping up delicious food for the family. It is where I sometimes find solace, where I want to think things over or just simply marvel at the beauty of having a wonderful family and being able to live another day.
The kitchen is also a place where my family and I can share, talk and discuss the things that happened during the day. It is where we can discover the many hidden talents and abilities that we have. The kitchen gives out warmth and love, a place in the house where the tummy is not the only one filled but the spirit and soul as well, and no matter what kind of kitchen I have, as long as there is harmony and love, it will be one of the best places in the house.

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  1. I would love to get our kitchen re-modeled because we do not have a pantry. It is taking us time because we still have to agree with the design.