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Sunday, June 26, 2011

FTF: Baby BackRibs

I am back after few weeks of absence from blogging and this meme due to my busy schedule and our trip to P.I. I craved for American foods and this is what satisfied my craving, yum!

Hoping to join every week again despite of being sick still and busy life as a Mom and wife :-)! Join us, click the button below!



  1. I fixed a rack of baby back ribs for dinner tonight and realize I prefer spare ribs. I thought baby back ribs were suppose to be less fatty? Not in my experience tonight... I paid over $4 a lb and was thoroughly disappointed in what I got.

  2. Umuwi kayo sa pinas,Ate Ces?Waahhh!wala na akong update sa yo.I hope all is well with you my dear.Happy to be back here^_^

  3. wow ang saya kasi umuwe kayo, kainggit...:) anyway, your welcome meal looks so delicious, complete meal! have a great week and hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Welcome back,Ces! to US and to FTF!
    Bitin ka siguro sa bakasyon kaya ka nagkasakit, :D

    Get well soon!!!